Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Alicia Keys Tears for Water

“Everything I have ever written has stemmed from my tears of joy, of pain, of sorrow, of depression, even of question. All of my writing has come from some form of my tears. I use these tears as water to nourish me, to quench my thirst for understanding."
Alicia Keys

If you are interested in Alicia Keys creativity then you will be pleased with her poetic skills. In 2004, Alicia Keys published “Tears for Water: Songbook of Songs & Lyrics.” The first half of the book consists of her breathtaking poems. The second half is her lyrics from both albums Songs in a Minor and The Diary of Alicia Keys.

Alicia Keys poetry is incredible and full of meaning. She pulls every emotion out of you from beginning to the end of every poem. All of her poems is unique, diverse, and has a specific meaning. Her poems are personal, but you can relate to what she was going through at a particular time in her life.

It’s impossible not to take something valuable away from her message. It takes courage to put out your inner most thoughts for the world to judge you. I recommend this book to anyone who loves to read poetry

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Moment for Life

"I wish that I could have this moment for life".

I want to discuss a popular Rap song called, "Moment 4 Life". It's written and performed by Nicki Minaj and Drake. The song is powerful and has so much meaning. If you are a rap fan, I know you will be familiar with this song and the lyrics. If you are not a rap fan, I want you to listen to the clip below.

Just concentrate on the lyrics and message she is trying to convey, not the fact that it’s a rap song.

Nicki Minaj is expressing this incredible moment she had and desires to keep that unique feeling for the rest of her life. She says that:

I fly with the stars in the skies
I am no longer trying to survive
I believe that life is a prize
But to live doesn't mean you're alive

The lyrics are remarkable that it makes you open your eyes to see the truth in reality. Let me break down the concept of what she is saying.

I fly with the stars in the skies
She is not an ordinary woman that follows people. She is above what people think about her. She has high values and standards that she cherishes, which puts her in a class and category of her own. She knows where she is going in life and she doesn’t need reassurance from anybody.

I am no longer trying to survive
She is no longer trying to keep up with the image people want her to be.

I believe that life is a prize
She realizes that life should be cherished. You shouldn’t waste your time.
But to live doesn't mean you're alive
You have to live in the moment. Don’t worry about yesterday, because you can’t change the past. Don’t worry about tomorrow, because the future hasn’t been written yet. Don’t go through life dreaming and hoping things will turn out a certain way. Go through life achieving and living to your potential to enjoy your life. Just becuase your breathing doesn't mean your living.

Live to the fullest and have your moment for life!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Welcome to my first blog. It is called Classy with a Twist, because I am a unique person that puts a twist on everything I say or do! If you are curious as to what this blog is about, I will not keep you waiting. This blog will give you insight on poetry, entertainment, and inspirational quotes from the viewpoint of a creative African American woman.

It was hard to narrow down a specific blog interests, because I have so many. It is strange for me to say that, because I am a shy person.

I love to take a quote and interpret it in my own clever way to add that special twist on it. The special twist I am always referring to will give you a “Wow” factor you never thought of or saw coming.

Being the creative person I am, I will occasionally share my own personal poems. The entertainment section will include topics and reviews that targeted towards African American women.

I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to comment!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Love is a Melody

“Love is a melody that no one can resist. It becomes part of the rhythm of your soul.”

Love is a small word that has a powerful meaning. Love can heal or destroy you yet everybody aches for it and sometimes forgets what it truly means.

Sometimes love can hit you like a melody that you never saw coming. When a person is truly in love it is like their soul is in sync and connected as one. The chemistry is undeniable because love can overshadow your perspective.
 Always remember that love is blind and it is hard to resist that melody. Here's a poem I wrote to express my view of true love:

Unspoken Melody

The words came to me so vivid and clear
I heard this melody that nobody can hear

A melody that opened my heart with its key
I fell in love, because the melody was so sweet and perfect for me

The depth of my soul connected to yours
Now we become one like the moon and sun

I heard the melody that you had for me
It was soft spoken and very intelligently