Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adobe Photoshop CS5

I always express creativity. In my E-Commerce class I had the privilege to work with Adobe Photoshop CS5. It is editing software that allows you to manipulate pictures and text. This software allows me to be creative. Creativity comes in all forms from poetry, drawing, writing songs, and many more.
I was surprised to learn that celebrity photographers use Photoshop. They take a picture of a celebrity and edit the photos. The majority of the pictures you see on the cover of a magazine are Photoshop.

It took me awhile to comprehend the basics and workstation. I was use to GIMP, which is free software editing. GIMP is a substitution for Photoshop. I was impressed that Adobe have Photoshop tutorials and podcasts of different topics pertaining to Photoshop.I totally recommend this software. Photoshop is an excellent tool to learn. This skill looks awesome on a resume. 

From my experience, Photoshop allowed me to:
1.      Create a background with text

2.      Have a black and white photo with a splash of color

3.      Cartoon Myself


Capricious said...

You were actually surprised to find out celebrities use Photoshop? I guess you underestimated how popular it is. But putting deceitful purposes aside, it is fun to create new pictures or artwork, isn't it?

Shea Flood said...

I'm not a frequent photoshop user but it is amazing what it can do and also a great way to express yourself!

Amanda said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to use Photoshop to add unique things to my photos like the black and white one with color that you did! I will definitely have to look into those tutorials!