Thursday, March 3, 2011

“Expect the best and prepare for the worst in any situation”

The title sounds enticing don’t it. Why would you prepare for the worst in a situation. You want the best outcome possible. Well, I look at situations expecting the worst outcome so I wouldn’t be shocked with the unexpected.
Reasons this quote works
1.      If you expect the worst and if it does happen you want be shocked, because you were prepared for the outcome.
2.      If you expect the worst and got the best outcome, then you know the situation could have been worst.
This quote is so true and take the time to prepare for the uncertainties.


Melanie said...

I love this quote because it can apply to anyone anywhere. I checked out your other posts and you really have a unique thing going here. Keep it up!

Rebecca said...

I enjoy reading your posts. The quotes you use are very relatable and inspirational.

Dimples said...

This quote holds alot of water, I've been through a lot of 'worse' outcomes that wouldn't have been if I had this mindset, but then they wouldn't have happened the way they did in the first place if I had focused on the negative. Shrug, definatly something to think about, your blog looks great, keep writing.